A game I made in 3 days for the Itch.io's Game Jam Week 89

I'll be working on other projects soon, but I'd appreciate the criticism and support on this little piece as well <3


Arrow Keys: Movement

Z: Jump

X: Run


EscapeBot Windows 9 MB


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Not gonna lie, you surprised me featuring my game in your video. I'm flattered!

All the critiques you made during your video are accurate and I sure could've done a better job here, so thanks for pointing it out! I just didn't have enought time to work on it but I'll do better on Jam 90! Also the music was really bad, I just got some old music I made on FL Studio 2 years ago and threw it into the game so it wouldn't be a game without audio... :P

Thanks a lot for taking your time man, appreciate it.

PS.: Thanks for the nod about the Camera Angle, the game was supposed to be just a straight corridor where you had to run for your life, but it would take me too much time to polish the controls so I just went for a platformer.

Hey, no problem! On the music thing - it wasn't soooo bad, and much better than it would have been in silence. Silent games are awkward games. :P

Great Game for a 3 Day Make! I believe everyone else summed it up, that controls feel laggy. But, the music and graphics feel pretty nice overall. 

Thanks a lot man, I'll make an even better attempt this week, so keep tuned in! Thanks a lot for the support :3

Simple and minimalist game. Music and visuals are great but controls feel laggy and acceleration is too low. The gameplay will feel better with less smooth movement.


Thanks a lot for the support ,it means a lot to me! I feel the controls are laggy too, but I didn't have enough time to fix them so I kept as it was... I'm currently working on a bigger project and I'll make sure to keep what you said in mind to improve upon my mistakes!

Hey good attempt for a 3 day build... Major criticism that I can think of is controls feel a bit laggy... Kudos my friend

Hey man!

Thanks a lot, I got into the jam too late and since I work as a teacher didn't have much time to work on it. I have an idea on why the controls feel laggy, probably was because of the thread I used for movement... Anyways, thanks a lot! :)


Hey learning is Jamming. Can't wait for your next release.